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The Bishop GmbH provides top talent for the aircraft industry

Our Philosophy

From the start, Bishop GmbH has concentrated on the core Aeronautical Engineering disciplines of Stress Analysis (including Fatigue & DT), Systems, Aerodynamics (including icing and acoustics) and Loads.

Top Specialists

The secret to entrepreneurial success is to have the right employee at the right place at the right time. We work as headhunters in cooperation with the most important enterprises in the aircraft sector.

Innovative Developments

Another goal is to promote aeronautical science and research. Innovative developments such as the FSAS or the Aircraft Cabin Security Systems, show our commitment to innovate and react quickly to changes.

About the Bishop GmbH

The future has begun – without qualified specialists no company can survive. “Know- how“ is essential for the realisation of projects which, at first, appear to require an uncertain amount of time. At the same time, it is necessary to keep an eye on the resources – to be, in other words, entirely requirement orientated.

Since 1997 the Bishop GmbH has been successful in the procurement of first class personnel for the aircraft sector. More than 200 highly specialized employees work for our company throughout Europe. From the Engineering and Developement of the Airbus GmbH aircraft (A 400M, A 380 ...) to the marketing- and management positions in the aircraft industry; we have at our disposal a great pool of qualified and motivated aeronautic personnel.

Special skills, which – if so you wish – are available also for limited time and selective tasks. Naturally, you may also secure the collaboration of our staff indefinetly, by taking them on.

The perfect crew is the key to the success of your company. Only with the right body of co-workers situated in the right positions, do we arrive together at our destination. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Peter Bishop
Managing Director of Bishop GmbH
Aeronautical Engineers

Our Service

  • Business Models
  • Awards
  • Global Network

Business models

1. AÜG (temporary workers)
2. Work contracts
3. Innovations and concepts
4. Eesearch Projects

Business growth

Through the adaptation and application of the developed over several decades in the aviation industry knowledge, we are currently expanding our service portfolio to the field of renewable energies as well as the automotive industry.
Urgent request: certifying staff CAT B2, checker for incoming goods, aircraft mechanics, quality checker, quality line side support, contract manager. Frequestly asked jobs:electrician, export control, functional safety, avionics, airworthiness, technician, production planer, fatigue, stress, quality, supply chain, logistic, project management (PMO), procurement, business support, configuration, bookkeeper, secretary, software development, software integration, software test, software simulation, hardware design, netplaner, embedded system.

Achievements & Awards

- # 5 of the most innovative companies in Germany (Top100 Award)
- Crystal Cabin Award

With our own research department and due to ongoing projects, the Bishop GmbH has a lot of experience in the study of composite materials and metals. Is one reason why we have been awarded as the fifth-most innovative companies in Germany and have also won the Crystal Cabin Award.

Global Network

We have built a very efficient and economical supplier and partner network in different parts of the world for several years. This we now also have the opportunity to benefit from the skills, resources and global regional proximity to the customer through our partner companies.

Entry Options:

If we have aroused your interest in working for an experienced and innovative team in the aerospace, automotive and renewable energy, then do not hesitate to contact us. All current vacancies and employment opportunities and further information on Bishop GmbH as your potential employer see

Spacetech Expo:

Bishop GmbH following the sucessful visits made in 2015,
and 2016 to Seattle and Los Angeles made its way again to the USA from 17-28. May 2017.

Bishop Exhibited rom 23-25. May at Spacetech Pasadena.
See attached EXPO TV Interview on the attached video file (Mr Bishop was suffering a throat infection which mitigated his ability to speak)

More informations can be found here.

Our Clients:

Commercial Aircraft Industry
• Airbus Germany GmbH – Hamburg
• Airbus Germany GmbH – Bremen
• Airbus Germany GmbH – Stade
• Airbus France – Toulouse
• Eurocopter Germany GmbH – Donauwörth
• RUAG – Wessling/Oberpfaffenhofen
• Behr GmbH
• Deutsche Lufthansa - Hamburg

Defence Industry
• Airbus Germany GmbH – Bremen
• Eurocopter Germany GmbH – Donauwörth

Outer space Technology
• Astrium GmbH