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News 2018

We will inform you about current events of Bishop GmbH

  • 9 October
    International Astronautical Congress in Bremen 1-5. October 2018
    CEO Mr Bishop had a very positive meeting with Prof. Dr. YANG Yuguang Vice-Chair (Coordinator) of IAF Space Transportation Committee CASIC Space Engineering Development Co. Ltd, the 2nd Academy, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC) Senior consultant of China Head Aerospace Technology Co. Weiterlesen
  • 14 September
    Particpation in Industry Space Days 2018 at ESA
    Industry Space Days 2018 at the ESA Noordwijk,12-13. Septmber 2018

    It is becoming a firm tradition that Bishop GmbH participates, at the Industry Space Days (ISD) based at ESA Noordwijk,Holland 12-13. Septmber 2018.
  • 11 September
    The Micro-attachment technologly
    “This is just the start of our marketing plan, and we have another 20 innovations in the company” Weiterlesen
  • 9 September
    WLAC Members day at White Waltham
    This year’s members day at West London Aero Club, was on 8. September 2018. There was a variety of aircraft, vintage cars and stalls set up. The flying was very good this year, except for an incident with a DH Chipmunk which happily landed without damage or injury to the Pilot. As ever the display by Peter Teichman in his P51 Mustang was superb.

    Looking forward to next years display.

  • 6 September
    Bishop GmbH visits Abu Dhabi 2-5. September 2018
    At the special request of a local OEM, Bishop GmbH including CEO Mr Bishop, Business development Mr Jog and Research & Innovation Engineer made the long journey to Abu Dhabi. Weiterlesen
  • 26 August
    26. August 16th Blankeneser Heldenlauf
    On 26. August 2018, a small team entered in the Blankeneser Heldenlauf. CEO Bishop made a repeat entry (his 3rd charity run this year), in the 6.7 km route. Weiterlesen
  • 12 August
    Schaffen Diest Fly-in 10-12. August 2018
    CEO Bishop attended the Schaffen Diest Fly-in on 10-12. August, inspite of the “iffy” weather. Weiterlesen
  • 5 July
    New Certificates
    On 5. July Bishop GmbH passed its Management System certificate Weiterlesen
  • 22 June
    Farnborough Airshow 16-22. July 2018
    On 16 and 17. July 2018 CEO Bishop made his biannual visit to the Farnborough International Airshow. Unlike in 2016,, which was a complete wash out, this year was very hot. Weiterlesen
  • 24 May
    CEO Bishop receives broken right arm !
    CEO Bishop was in Altona Krankenhaus for 1 week, and has made a maraculous recovery, with both British and German authorities Revalidating his Pilot license fo another 2 years. Weiterlesen
  • 23 May
    Hamburg 2018 B2Run
    On 23. May 2018, a small team from Bishop GmbH particpated in the annual Hamburg 2018 B2Run which is 5.6 km in distance. It is a emotional run through the Volkspark Stadion. Weiterlesen
  • 6 May
    Miles Aircraft Fly-in 6-7. May 2018
    On 6-7. May 2018, there was a small fly in at White Waltham airfield (EGLM). Weiterlesen
  • 8 March
    Paris Space Week 2017
    On 8-9. March 2018, Mr Bishop (CEO) and Hr Jog (Business development Executive) made our annual pilgrimage Weiterlesen
  • 6 February
    Helmholtz-zentrum Geesthacht
    On 6. February 2018, Peter Bishop visited hr Dr. Jorge F. dos Santos at the Helmholtz-zentrum in Geesthacht by Hamburg. Weiterlesen
  • 26 January
    Meeting with Sir Richard Noble OBE
    On 26. January 2018 Peter Bishop met up with old friend Richard Noble OBE, who at one time held the World Land Speed Record as the fastest man in the world. His team visited us in the early days at Hamburg, and he is a living role model with a list of great achievements. Weiterlesen
  • 10 January
    Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV)
    I stumbled across the Searl for a perpetual motion machine, application to aviation. The Searle concept has been around for circa 60 years. There are several other phenomenii, like the Hutchinson affect. Weiterlesen