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New challenges and projects need the best professionals.

We have specialised as agents for aeronautical engineers, expert- and executive-positions and staff. From the beginning, Bishop GmbH has concentrated on top-specialists in complex areas:


System Development and Construction

Aircraft Static Analyses, Aerodynamics, Load- and Systems Development. Only aircraft engineers with at least 20 years experience will be employed by Bishop GmbH.

The Bishop GmbH Company offers specialists from the areas:

• Aircraft Static Analysis (specialized in the field of: Interior Static Report)
• Aircraft Systems Development
• Aircraft Loads Development
• Aircraft Fatigue & Damage Tolerance
• Aircraft Aerodynamics (specialized in the field of:  Sealing and   Acoustic)
• Aircraft Cabin Security Development
• Aircraft Special Branch: i.e. FSAS (Flexible Seat Arrangement System)


IT Service and CAD-Systems

New challenges and projects require the best possible specialists.  Aeronautical experts of the Bishop GmbH have helped develop the Airbus A 318, A 380 and A 400 systems, and are now working on new projects for the Airbus GmbH.

CAD Systems and FEM Tools


Complete Assignment Assistance

Are you looking for all-round support? 
We can accept complete projects covering both Design and Manufacturing. Via our Network of Global Partnerships, Agreements and Co-operations, we can offer you a hand-picked, high-quality and cost-effective solutions to your projects.

Supplier Management
Should you be a Supplier, or a Costumer, we have extensive expertise in the management and administration of Suppliers.

For further information contact, Dipl.-Ing. Blankenburg, Tel: +49-(40)-866258-15 or simply request a copy of our document titled: Bishop GmbH Supplier Management Leaders.

We offer following services:

• Supply of contract staff through AÜG or Werkvertrag
• Headhunting for top experts and specialists
• Special service (suggested by you)
• Overall engineering project magagement

Aviation related activities

Bishop GmbH offers services to aviation related organisations for administrational, strategic and legislative support and air traffic control activities.

In addition, our exceptional aviation experts are able to conduct and support studies and analysis in following fields:

     - Special service (suggested by you)
     - Overall engineering project magagement

Automotive Engineering

  Innovative and technology Services Company
  Automotive Services Offerings